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iConnect Marketing merges affordability and quality to bring absolute value for our customers.  Whether it’s website creation with SEO services, email,  customer support, outbound sales, lead generation or Facebook ads/Google AdSense management – We have ideal solutions for most businesses.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Business owners have all been there before. What we need more than anything else is actual customers to provide our products and services to. We might have the greatest thing to offer them or the best prices in town but unless they’re coming to you in droves, we need to market to them in cost-effective ways.

That’s where iConnect Marketing comes in. We get your website ranking at the top of search results, use time-tested strategies to increase your visibility to customers and provide additional services that make running your business easier.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Website Development

A website is the face of your brand. It is where most people get information on where to do business, 

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Does your website look like it was built 5 years ago? Are you even tracking your visitors and where they came from? Does your website follow the current proven search engine optimization standards to get your website properly indexed and shown in search results? Do you even have a website? 

Unless you have the right answers to all of those questions, you are missing out on the most important avenue businesses have in getting and keeping customers today. When we see that a website that is in disarray or doesn’t provide the information we’re looking for, we usually click off of it. Most likely, you are the same.

Clients have told us that as soon as their website was redone, they immediately heard from their customers and colleagues how it improved their satisfaction and excitement about the business. From the online perspective, it’s like totally overhauling your brand and putting a shiny polish that attracts people’s eyes to it. Not only that, but by using modern tools to track customers, you can evaluate where to put marketing budgets and judge the success of promotions.

Brand Design & Strategy

Get your brand recognized and keep your customers coming and sharing their experiences.

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Everyone can use a little help with their business’ branding. Once becoming a customer and oftentimes even before becoming a customer, we give advice on what can be done about your overall presentation for the type of product or service that can improve your customer reach and interest.

All great things take time to develop. Improving what is possible early leads to much greater possibilities in the future. We don’t know whether the next customer will just be a one-off or if they’ll be repeat and tell everyone they know about their experience with us. They might tell everyone how great you are or tell everyone how terrible you were and that’s why getting someone to evaluate you from the outside is something of incredible value.

We’re here to help. A second opinion and knowing about options available to you empower with you with decisions that can benefit you for years to come.

Social Media Management

Social Media has the greatest potential to keep you in the minds of customers and acquire them.

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If the last decade has shown us anything, it’s that so many people have become obsessed about social media. Although not everyone is obsessed, the capability of social media to influence people cannot be denied.  It provides a way to reach out to them directly and allows for them to interact with your brand.

Included in our base services is advice on how to best utilize the different applications to provide effective strategies. We advise on which ones to use and how to use them. We can also assist with managing your accounts as an optional service. We want to give you the tools to succeed and offer services that improve the quality of life for our clients.

Frequent posts that don’t overwhelm your followers and those that like your page are key to keeping them engaged and aware of your company.

Audience Analytics

Where did they come from? Where did they go? Analytics will provide the answers.

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Every website that we build and design comes with detailed analytics. You’ll be able to see how your visitors got to you and even the next place they went after you. You can see who your biggest competitors are and which method of marketing are getting the most eyeballs on your company’s site.

As we believe in transparency, every service we provide includes analysis of important metrics. You’ll know how many emails were sent, you’ll know what kinds of people were targeted, you’ll know the keyword focus and most importantly – you’ll know what we know. 

Our services aren’t meant to be completely automatic. You’ll always be able to talk to the person leading the team that is handling each aspect of your account. We want to be your reliable partner that you can reach any time for any reason.

Search Engine Optimization

A great-looking website isn’t enough you also have to be found, that’s what SEO is about.

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Robots?! Robots, also called web-crawlers are programming scripts run by company servers to get information about websites online. They don’t care about how pretty your website is. What they do care about is the structure of your website, how many links are going to/from your website and the quality of the sites that are linked.

To a robot, what matters most is the text content and how it is laid out. Properly tagged sections, pages and images allow a robot to index your page in formats that search engines can understand and display properly. You want to put the content of your website in an ideal format so that when someone searches for something, a search engine displays the correct excerpt that is most helpful to them. That makes them more likely to click; which makes the search engine think that you were a valuable result to display and will gradually push you higher in search results over time.

That’s where we come in. Every site we build follows a checklist in order to ensure favored search engine optimization. There’s a lot more to it than that but that explains the basics. 

Copywriting & Strategy

What’s being said about you online? We help spread the good word about your business.

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Information is power. Part and parcel to Search Engine Optimization is online copywriting. The more that is written about your business online from unique and valid sources, the more search engines will favor your positive placement. It can’t just be the same generic press release or they’ll think you’re trying to cheat the system. 

We utilize blogs, directories, social media and other mediums to increase the recognition of your business online. Although each article/copywrite includes unique content, certain keywords are used that establish your business online as being a great outlet for those specific keyword searches. 

Facebook Ads and Google Adsense

Don’t miss out on the most effective methods for online advertising.

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The Google search engine has about 85% of the national search inquiries when mobile and personal computer use metrics are averaged together. Advertising with Google can be an extremely cost-effective method to bringing customers to your page. By using keywords and phrases, you can drive traffic to your website where you have a chance to convert them. 

Facebook advertising is the most effective method that we have found today.  You can target very specific demographics and markets that makes advertising with Facebook extremely powerful. A modest Facebook advertising budget can create amazing results over time that result in brand recognition and very high conversion rates.

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Email Marketing

Keep current customers and those with interest in your company informed.

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An often overlooked marketing aspect is email. Potential customers visit your site and they have an interest in your products or services. They often leave your page to do some more searching but if there was a way they could get more information from you without spending time on the phone or typing a lot of information into a contact form, they often will choose to give their email address to stay informed about your products and/or services. Either to get deals or get an idea of what your company is about.


Likewise, current and past customers that have purchased a product or used your services in the past usually don’t mind an occasional email informing them of interesting products/services that are offered by a company they’ve had dealings with. It’s important not to miss out on these opportunities because an occasional email doesn’t turn people away from a company. Instead it keeps the company towards the forefront of their mind. There are psychological reason for this but let’s not bore you with details.


It’s important that email marketing is done properly or you may get put on spam lists and also customers may get annoyed from too many offers. iConnect Marketing can advise, provide structure and manage email marketing campaigns.


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